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Biopharma companies require access to high quality patient data to scale precision medicine initiatives. While vast amounts of patient data are available, they are not effectively leveraged to understand disease and wellness. Advanced data engineering and data science approaches are needed to span this divide. Sema4 is uniquely positioned to deliver value at the pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial drug development stages for biopharma companies. With its world-leading expertise and capabilities complemented by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, and data engineers powered by one of the leading genomics laboratories in the world Sema4 can help you discover new possibilities and blaze new trails across your drug lifecycle.

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Read Sema4’s article, “Demystifying Autoimmune Diseases Using Patient-Centered Health Intelligence” in the March issue of GEN Magazine (Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News). The article discusses our work building predictive models to better understand autoimmune diseases and how to treat them.

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Unique patient-centered intelligence across your drug lifecycle

With Sema4 as your partner, you can confidently discover what’s possible and blaze new trails across your research, development, and commercialization efforts to get treatments and therapies to the market faster, safer, and cheaper. See below to learn about the three specific ways Sema4 can provide incremental value to your organization.

Advance drug discovery
by leveraging state-of-the-art genomic infrastructure to generate, analyze, and interpret molecular data
State-of-the-art genomic infrastructure to support a suite of molecular, cytogenic and biochemical tests
Two CLIA-certified and CAP accredited laboratories

Over 500,000 next-generation sequencing panels accessioned

Improve clinical trial productivity
by combining rich molecular data with deeply curated clinical data
SaaS solutions built using deep longitudinal clinicogenomic datasets across multiple TAs
Solutions driven by Sema4’s direct engagement with patients and providers

Workflow support and solutions to increase site efficiencies

Connect the Dots
from research through commercialization with differentiated, AI-powered insights
Access to millions of deidentified patients’ worth of clinical, molecular, imaging, and genetic data
Advanced data engineering and NLP-driven data curation with industry leading expertise in network modeling
Data science expertise for a full spectrum of RWD analyses

Achieve success across early drug discovery to development through
commercialization using best-in-class end-to-end Sema4 solutions

Sema4 offers tools and expertise to transform an ocean of raw data into powerful information to help answer questions fundamental to the Biopharma industry. From models that can optimize the design of a Phase III rare disease trial, to leveraging real-world evidence to enable development of digital trials, to key mechanistic insights regarding disease subtypes, we can generate the strategic answers to power your drug development pipeline.

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Lead Identification
Drive increased probability of success and terminate bad molecules sooner
Phase I
Early Clinical
Reduce trial duration, minimize dose finding / escalation, better patient selectivity
Phase II
Phase III
Protocol Optimization
Maximize trial opportunity, decrease time to market, and optimize market access
Phase IV/RWE
Real World Data
Characterize patient journeys and diagnostic odysseys


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